Sunday, April 22, 2012

#30daysofbiking: Day 20, 21 & 22

Sorry for the delay, it's been a busy week here.

Day 20 of 30 days of biking included Friday Coffee Club. I got up early and headed out. I rode Kermit the Hulk because I also wanted to get a few laps around Hains Point afterward.

I had a slight mechanical issue when my chain jumped off the cogs while I was crossing an intersection. I'm not sure what caused it because I wasn't shifting at the time. All I know is that suddenly I couldn't turn the cranks. I turned Kermit over to get a better look, and discovered that my chain had gotten caught between the front derailleur & the chainring. It had actually doubled up and that's why the cranks couldn't budge an inch. The chain was jammed pretty tight. After about 5 minutes, I finally figured out how to get the chain unjammed and was on my way again (with chain grease covered hands-I really need to bring a rag with me).

I was already running late, so when I got to the coffee shop everybody was just starting to head out. Oops! I said hello & bye and finished my coffee.

Then I rode to Hains Point and rode around in circles until my GPS said I had hit 20 miles (I already had ridden 5 to get there). I like Hains Point, but I do get bored with riding around it after awhile. There weren't very many people there, but those who were also riding around complimented Kermit as they went by.

My back was really bothering me and no amount of seat height adjustment was helping. I figured the stem would have to be raised a tad too. I made a note to stop by the shop soon because I don't know how to do that.

Shadow on Hains Point

Sitting along the riverside at Hains Point.

I stopped at the Juice Joint and had a wrap and carrot & spinach juice. Then went home.

Miles: 24.66
Bike grime consumed with the wrap: ugh
Protesters observed along the way: 5

Day 21 was much more mundane. I rode Kermit down to BicycleSPACE to drop him off to get everything straightened out with my chain issue & also to get the stem raised a bit. I also picked up a few essentials (bike degreaser, lube, honey stinger waffles & BikeSnobNYC's new book). Bike shop impulse buys can be dangerous. I almost walked out with a Brompton.

I used Capital Bikeshare to get back home. I'm really glad that DC has that system.

Miles: 6
Honey stinger waffles eaten: 1
Number of times I attempted the "Barnes Dance" at Chinatown: 0 (I don't understand it and just walked around the perimeter of the intersection like a doofus)

Day 22 is very much like yesterday, except I did it in the cold & pouring rain. I wore my Showers Pass rain gear & managed to stay perfectly dry from my neck down. Unfortunately I had nothing for my head and I soon got tired of the rain dripping into my face.

This was starting to seem like an attractive option: (source unknown)

I took Capitol Bikeshare downtown to the bike shop (Sunday churchers + Caps fans = traffic chaos) and retrieved Kermit. I managed to leave the shop without any impulse purchases but I knew I was forgetting something. Of course I didn't remember what it was until I got back home (a coffee cup holder for the work bike).

Miles: 6
Amount of rain in my helmet: 2 inches


  1. Pick up some disposable latex medical gloves. They weigh nothing and are great for staying clean during chain mishaps. Nice rides!

  2. I'd heartily recommend getting a Brompton bicycle! It's very handy, both in getting around and in storing/transporting! :) Also, you'll get lots of comments from people when you fold/unfold it. :) I head up the Brompton Bicycle Club, if you want to meet up with other Bromptonites. :) Charmaine

  3. I keep a stash of gloves at home-I really should stuff a few pairs in my bag when I go out. Good tip!

    And I really do want a Brompton, but I need to ease up on the bicycle purchasing for awhile (at leat until after the wedding). The meetup looks like a lot of fun!