Monday, April 9, 2012

30 Days of Biking: Day 8

Today was a bike errand day. Nothing terribly exciting.

I started off by stopping at a crepe place I've recently discovered. I ordered a nutella, banana, & coconut crepe and a latte to fuel my ride :-)

The first stop on my list was to stop by The Daily Rider to pick up a few things and check out the space for the Bike Wash next week. Getting to the H St NE area is a huge pain. In order to get there with the least amount of hassle, I need to ride at least part of the way on Florida Ave. Drivers are super aggressive on that street. It's 5 lanes wide and crosses another crappy road, New York Ave. Drivers treat it like a highway, and unless you are assertive and take the entire lane, they will try to squeeze you into the curb. Even on Easter Sunday it was a bit nerve-wracking. I was glad to get off it.

At one point, I discovered this bike pump bolted to the sidewalk for cyclists. What a great idea! (it's at 1st & M NE)

I continued on and made it to the shop without any incidents. The shop itself is gorgeous. I wish I had taken some photos. The window display kept drawing in people to check out the bikes inside.

The Bike Wash will be behind the shop. They have an open area (with hose & drain) and roll-down garage door area. It's perfect. I am so excited for the Wash! I just hope the weather cooperates.

(Speaking of the Bike Wash, if you are coming by next week, bring your bike directly behind the shop. You can reach it through the alley. We'll have banners & signs up, so don't worry!)

While I was there, I picked up a brass bell for Kermit, a couple of skirt garters (I might make this year the year I actually wear skirts...) and a really nice Po Campo bag (review coming soon once I've used it a bit).

Then I rode home, with a quick stop at the grocery store to pick up some last nuts items for Easter dinner. The wind was pretty brutal, so I felt wiped-out when I got home. I hate the wind.

Miles: 8.4
Sweet potatoes carried home: 3
Number of times I was whistled at: 1

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