Wednesday, December 31, 2014

90 minutes to go

There are less than 90 minutes left of 2014, I will not be sad to see it go.

This has been a difficult year. An amazing year. A year of big changes. A dark year. A bright year.

And I'm glad its over.

This time last year, I was looking forward to a new position at work; my father had been diagnosed with cancer; my brother was engaged; my wedding was on postponement; I signed up for a full marathon; and I was in the best shape I had been in for a long time.

I wasn't sure what 2014 was going to be like, but I knew it would be full of changes and new experiences.

I'm happy to say that my father pulled through his surgery and is doing wonderfully. My brother is now married. I've finally settled into my new work position....and I got married as well. All wonderful things.

I commute to work by bicycle (almost) everyday. On bad days, I use Car2Go. It's the most enjoyable part of my day. I gave up my patrol bike, permanently. It's just incompatible with my current supervisory duties. I miss it terribly, but my bike commutes make up for it. I really enjoyed being out in the community, but that is no longer my primary role anymore.

My new work environment is.....toxic. To say the least. I don't regret the promotion, but the location I've been transferred to is dysfunctional. This has had a big impact on my emotional/physical health of the last year. I dread going to work. I hate almost every minute I'm there, and I can't wait to go home. I keep hoping it will get better, and doesn't. I've reached a point of numbness with it, so I guess that's something. I've gained back pretty much all of the weight I've lost, and I lost interest in participating in a lot of things I used to love. I was in a pretty dark place for a good portion of the year. I dug myself into a deep hole and did not want to come out.

With that said, I'm resolving to make work a less significant part of my life this new year. I loved what I do for a living, but right now I need to love other things more for a bit. I want to get outside more, I want to spend more time with friends/family, I want to go on real dates with my husband, I want fun hobbies. I don't want to be The Police Officer anymore. I need a break.

I can't quit my job, but I can make the time/effort for other things.

Things To Accomplish in 2015:

-I need to blog more regularly. I'd like to blog at least once a week, even if it's just about my commutes.

-Talk about work less. Facebook, twitter, etc. I just want to be me.

-I will get back into a regular exercise routine again. I'll probably be restarting the Couch to 5K program.

-I will make an effort to spend time with friends (maybe a game night, or something) each week.

-I will go on at least a few dates with my husband a month.

-I will save more more money.

-Sign up for more WABA events and 5Ks.

-Try at least one new hobby.

There are a few more things on my list, but they are private for now. I am determined that 2015 will be a greater year than 2014.

Less than 60 minutes to go. I'm spending my final moment of 2014 on my couch with some tea and toast. Real party animal over here. I'll leave you with some photos from the last year....