Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Bike Wash Fundraiser This Saturday!

Hi folks!

I haven't had much time for blogging lately (and that won't change for another month or so, unfortunately) but I did want to let you know of a fundraiser that The Daily Rider is hosting for me this Saturday.

If you are like me, you are GLAD that winter has finally ended (except for this sudden cold snap). The days are getting longer & the weather warmer, so its time to ride! But maybe your bike needs a little TLC from all the winter mud/salt from the past couple of months.

Let me wash it for you!

For $10 a bike, I will scrub down your frame & drivetrain. All you gotta do is sit back & relax. Browse the lovely selection of The Daily Rider. Have a few beers. Whatever. I'll be doing all the work ;-)

Where will your money go? To the National Law Enforcement Memorial Fund via the The Police Unity Tour (in which I will be riding in less than 17 days, eeeep! Another reason why I haven't had much time for blogging).

When I did this fundraiser last year, it took approximately 20 minutes per bike, and we did 2 bikes at a time. So plan accordingly. I'll have a limited amount of stuff (buttons, water bottles, etc) to either raffle/give away. You might get something nice!

The Police Unity Tour Bike Wash Fundraiser

at The Daily Rider

1108 H St. NE

Saturday, April 27th



Police Unity Tour Swag Available.

Some photos in the meantime:

The National Law Enforcement Memorial Seal

In Valor There is Hope

A day at the Memorial

The Righteous are Bold as a Lion

How they Lived

This is the bike I'm riding in the tour itself. I borrowed it from a friend. Kermit was great last year, but I wanted to try something a bit lighter.
Remember when I said I was doing the Rock n Roll Half Marathon? Well here I am (was)  crossing the finish line!

I really hope that I will have time to write a little more about why this ride is so important, and the reasons behind it. I know I wrote a little bit about it last year, but this year has become even more important to me as I've had to say goodbye to yet another coworker & friend. Until then, check out my posts from last year's ride.

Here, here, here, and here.

P.S. There is nothing like going back through the blog archives to see how much this year's winter weather has sucked and kept me from getting in some good rides. Poo.

P.P.S I just want to mention that I went to The Bike Rack for a custom bike fit since I will be riding a borrowed bike, and not only was the bike fit super awesome, but they donated the cost of the fitting outright. SUPER nice of them to do that, unasked. So, yay local bike shops!