Thursday, May 10, 2012

This may be incoherent...

because I'm pretty tired and Parks & Recreation is on...and well, priorities people.

Day 1 is DONE, D O N E. My GPS said I did 97 miles, but the cue sheet said 93. Either way, it's the longest I've ever ridden in one day. And tomorrow, I get to do it again, but with more hills. (actually "only" 85 miles).

1. The wind was killer today. A few times I felt like I was being pushed off the bike. It definitely made the ride today a bit more difficult.

2. I really need to invest in a good bike fitting. The mechanics on this ride are SUPER good, but I need more time with them than is available on this ride (the lead mechanic has a shop off the W&OD trail but I can't recall the name of it). My lower back was screaming at me by the end. Advil wasn't touching it.

3. I need to bring the chamois cream with me and reapply it after 60 miles. Ouchie.

4. Nutrition was okay today, but my stomach was a bit uneasy at times. Still not sure how to avoid this.

5. The horses & cows & goats & rolling fields were beautiful. Until the last 17 miles when I wanted to set fire to them all. And also to the sound of ball-bearings in a rear hub. God help me.

6. The high point was the schools that came out and cheered us on, with Pom poms & mascot. Also all of the folks along the way that honked and waved.

7. Riding in a large group with cyclists of different abilities can be challenging and aggravating. Patience and emergency braking skills are necessary.

8. The dude doing this ride on a fixed gear bike is insane, and a bad-ass.

9. I am so proud to be part of this group.

Motivation cards from school-kids:

Me and Mir getting ready to set off:

Gathering together at the setting off ceremony:

Here we are again:

Can't tell whether this is real or temporary:

Folks from all over rode with us:


Representing WABA:

Down to my toes:

The most delicious beer ever. Just kidding. Even 95 miles can't make Bud Lite tasty.

The mileage:

Onward to tomorrow!


  1. I can't believe you had the energy to blog! Congrats on getting through day 1. Find candied or crystallized ginger to help your stomach (baking aisle of a grocery store, usually).

  2. A long day AND you blogged...excellent!! Stretching helps the back. Keep those wheels going round!