Friday, June 28, 2013

Climate Ride

After finishing the Police Unity Tour, I knew I couldn't wait to do another big multi-day group ride. Luckily, the Climate Ride for NYC-DC is in the fall this year, instead of in the spring like last year. I really wanted to do the Climate Ride last year, but it was the same time as the Unity Tour. As much as I try, I can't be in two places at once. This year the Climate Ride is in September, so I quickly signed up!

What is the Climate Ride?

The mission of Climate Ride is to inspire and empower citizens to work toward a new energy future. We use sport as a means to change lives and build an effective, citizen-based sustainability movement.

It is also a fundraiser for "sustainability, climate, clean energy & bicycle-related projects and organizations." I will be fundraising on behalf of WABA the Washington Area Bicyclist Association, one of my favorite organizations ever (you're already a member, right?).

I will be riding a bicycle for 5 WHOLE days, from NYC back to DC (Sept. 21st-Sept. 25th). Fun, right? There will also be camping (some of us are a bit more enthusiastic about this than others), guest speakers & other fun stuff on the way. I also get to meet other WABA & Climate Ride supporters.

I need your help though (yes, again. Stop rolling your eyes!). In order to participate, I need to raise a MINIMUM of $2700. That's twice the amount I needed to raise for the Police Unity Tour. It's a little daunting. I have just over 1,000 followers on twitter. Excepting those that are bots, if all of you donated just $25, I would be WELL on my way of raising that money.

Need a little more incentive? Check this out:

If you donate, you'll receive in return:

        $10.00: A big thumbs up and/or high five, to be delivered in person.

  • $25.00: A thank-you note from me, with a personalized bike-themed haiku (please let me know your address when you donate or shoot me an email!)

    $50.00: A water bottle/t-shirt (I'm still pricing these, so it depends) with my photo, giving you a thumbs up!

    $100.00: I will buy you a beer or two. Maybe more.

    $250.00: I will buy you dinner.

    $500.00 A bike ride together to a destination of your choice (within the DC Metro area).

Why should you donate? Well, besides enabling WABA to fund programs and events such as the Women & Bicycles Program, Bike to Work Day, the 50 States Ride,  Adult Bicycling Classes, various advocacy, getting bike lanes & other infrastructure installed, etc there's this:

1. You can sleep in late as I pedal my tired butt for hundreds of miles. (doesn't donating money sound even easier now?! You get the credit, while I do the work!)

2. You will transform my bicycle into a money making MACHINE! Something I have yet to accomplish.

3. If you sponsor me, I have no excuse not to complete this ride. Otherwise I will feel like a loser.

4. If you don't sponsor me, I can't do the ride, and I will have to wear a Cone of Shame on my head.

5. You will get updates on my training & real-time updates from the ride itself! Exciting! It will be like the Tour de France, except less exciting and with slightly less doping.

6. WABA is a very important organization for me. I've met many of their staff & their Board, and they are super awesome and dedicated. They do so much with so little. It's amazing.

7. You know how much I love to ride my bike.

8. It makes you feel good to give to a good cause.

9. You are an awesome human being.

10.  It's tax deductible!

So, donate now! Click on the link to the right!

I also have a few fundraising events in the works that I will update you with as they get more solidified. In the meantime..

SAVE THE DATE for JULY 14th! Stetson's is helping me to host a Grey Gardens themed costume party that will be a climate ride fundraiser. As soon as we finalize the details, I will post more information up here!

I'm also planning another Bike Wash, so get your bikes nice and dirty!

Also, some photos of various rides, since I know you all love photos!

I have no idea where this is from. I assume I was riding near the Canal?

From the Tour de Fat: I was dressed up as Wonder Woman, but it was 9000 degrees out and my tiara was giving me a headache. Hence my happy face.

Side stage at the Tour de Fat

Wonder Woman socks (with capes) and my "bike shoes".

The Metropolitan Branch Trail. 

More MBT.

Graffiti along the MBT.

a hidden garden along the MBT.

I like the MBT because unlike many other trails, it has a very "industrial" vibe to it. Railroad tracks run beside it, and there are many warehouses and old factories.

Art along the MBT.

More art.

Sunset at the 11th St. Bridge overlook.

The Big Chair (duh).


Street art at Lumen8Anacostia

Watching Black Masala play at Lumen8

Bike Parking at Lumen8. I was the only one there using at the time.

another view from the 11th St. Bridge

Super Moon at the Titanic Memorial


Police Officers getting trained to patrol on bicycles.