Friday, May 11, 2012

Short and sweet

Because I'm exhausted. And sore. And sun-burned.

Day 2 is done. I forgot to restart my GPS tracker on one leg of the ride, so it skipped about 13 miles. All told, I rode about 82 today. And it was brutal.

They said that today was going to be hilly, but honestly it was mostly rollers. I didn't leave the big chain ring once. The problem for me was a)the wind- it was brutal coming over the open fields. B)riding in a pack of various skills- once I got a good momentum going, we would have to slow way down, and c) bike fit- my legs & lungs were fine, but parts of me were screaming in pain because I still had bike fit issues.

At first it was my lower back, but a short fitting session with one of the mechanics cured that. Then it was my right foot, specifically my toes. I think my cleats are too far back. My right foot was (is) in agony-I almost couldn't walk on it.

By the time we finished, I felt awful. I didn't drink enough and the sun was just beating on me, so I know I was dehydrated. The last 23 miles felt like the longest time of my life.

But I did it. Every damn mile.

Tomorrow is the final day. I get to sleep in my own bed! "Only" 46 miles to go. Ha!

There is a welcoming ceremony for all of the chapters of the Police Unity Tour at 2pm at the National Law Enforcement Memorial (400 blk of E Street NW). I encourage all of you to come!

Riding along (that's Mir with the giant grin on her face)

It turns out that Sharpie makes an excellent sun block.

Fixed gear bike. And he did all of the hills on it.

The mobile bike shop/after hours beer joint.

And that's it. Bed time for me. See you on the flip side!


  1. you are doig great. I think wind i dehydrating as well as extra tiring on long rides. hope your foot is ok. enjoy a great meal, great beer and your own bed tonight!

  2. Back to backs like that are so challenging. Well done on pushing through, and congratulations again on the whole tour. Exciting!