Tuesday, April 17, 2012

#30DaysofBiking: Day 16

Today's adventure involved biking to Nationals Stadium for a little baseball action. I had originally planned on just buying a game day grandstand ticket ($5), but when I mentioned on Twitter that I was going, a very kind follower mentioned that she had an extra ticket for a suite that I was welcome to use. Awesome.

I rode to Nats Park and had no issues with finding my way thanks to the ample & clear signage. The only snag I hit was on the Penn Ave bike lanes because they were blocked off in front of Freedom Plaza because of Emancipation Day activities. A quick detour around and all was good.

I pulled up to the Bike Valet and was relieved to see it wasn't quite full yet (but almost!). I was worried because I was a bit late and the outside racks were packed. But there was still a few spots open. I love the Bike Valet. So easy & convenient.

I picked up my ticket and found my way to the suite. WOW. You folks can keep your grandstand seats. I'm sticking with the fancy seats where I don't have to mingle with the common rabble. I had my own bathroom, refrigerator, television, microwave and cozy couches. Plus beer, soft drinks & hot dogs. I am a spoiled girl.

I'm really proud of myself because I managed to stick around for the whole game (I noticed a good 1/3 of the fans heading for the exits around the 7th inning. Traffic must be awful).

The Nats won, and I had a great time getting to know a fellow #BikeDC girl (and her coworkers).

Riding up to the Stadium:

Fancy seats:

Inside the suite:

It's not really baseball unless you have a hotdog:

If you squint, you can see the Presidents racing around.

On the way back I stopped at the Hirschhorn to see Song 1. Again. While I was there, I saw this blurry horse & carriage go by.

Overall, a perfect Spring evening.

Miles: 12
Hotdogs consumed: 1
Number of times I almost got taken out by a foul ball: 1

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