Monday, April 2, 2012

30 Days of Biking: Day 1

I decided that my inaugural ride for 30 Days of Biking would be a little trip to the SW waterfront. I really like that area of the city because there are so many hidden treasures. I decided to take the 15th St cycle track and the Penn Ave bike lanes over to the new bike lanes on 4th St SW. It was a nice, stress-free ride.
My first stop was, of course, the White House. There was an Ethiopian protest going on.

I had to get my obligatory White House shot. The tree kinda blocked the view though.

Rollin' down the Penn Ave lanes with Elmo and Bert.

The Old Post Office Pavilion (soon to be the new Trump hotel)

Stopped for a little something to drink along the way.

The new Arena Stage. I really need to catch a show here sometime.

The Washington Monument in the distance.

The Titanic Memorial

Inscription on the front of the Titanic Memorial.

Inscription on the back of the Titanic Memorial.

Maine Lobstermen Memorial.

Inscription under the Maine Lobstermen memorial.

Many of the boats in the Marina were decked out in pink lights for the Cherry Blossom festival (100 years!)

The Fish Market (not a very good picture, I know). It will still pretty hopping at 8pm on a Sunday.

And that was my first day for 30 Days of Biking. Hopefully the next 29 can be just as interesting.

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