Wednesday, April 4, 2012

30 Days of Biking: Day 4

Nothing too terribly interesting today. Decided to bike down to the local watering hole to say hello to friends I have been missing lately & to reclaim my title as Mayor of Duffy's. I was unfairly usurped during my self-imposed prohibition of alcohol (which is still ongoing) and I need to get my throne back. Accept no substitutes or impostors!

The ride was pretty uneventful as usual. There are a couple of 4-way stops along the way, and I'm always afraid I'm going to get run over by a fellow cyclist ignoring the signs and blowing through, even when I have the right of way. I've had a few close calls before; close enough that I flinch. Cyclists: don't be a dick to your fellow people!

Soda water and lime. *sigh*

Distance: 2.20 miles


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  2. Geesh, cyclists should not only respect other riders but obey the traffic laws for their own well being.

    Nice work, keep it going