Tuesday, April 10, 2012

30 Days of Biking: Day 9

Just a quick ride around the block (including the grocery store) just for the sake of getting a ride in. I'm super tired today.

I wish commercial businesses would publicize/promote their bicycle parking more. At the grocery store on my block, I see all of the street signs & available street "parking" taken up by bikes, but the bike racks in the garage remain underutilized and mostly empty. I suspect most customers don't even realize the racks are there. They are convenient (directly next to the entrance of the store), secure & protected from the weather. If given a choice, I'd take the secure parking.

In some cases, I think it's because it's not worth it. For example, there is secure bicycle parking in the DC USA Mall garage on 14th, yet very few cyclists tend to use it-preferring instead the outside racks on the sidewalk in front of the businesses. I think this is because of the walking distance required to use the secure parking. Once you lock up, you have to walk all the way back around outside of the garage and then to the front entrance. It's a block & a half. Very inconvenient, especially if you purchased a bunch of stuff. Unlike car customers, there is no direct entrance to the mall from the bike parking area.

I still lock my bike in the garage area though, because there is a very high rate of bike theft in that area, plus the sidewalk racks are usually full.

Plus, it would be nice if bike customers could get some sort of discount or promotion. I prefer to shop at businesses that provide secure & convenient bicycle parking AND realize my money is just as good as any customers who drove a car there.

Miles: .33
Frozen pizzas purchased: 1

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  1. nice bike! luv it