Friday, April 6, 2012

30 Days of Biking: Day 5

Another quickie. Rode over to a new local neighborhood bar, DC Reynolds, to meet up with my friend Mir after work. Mir is my coworker and fellow rider on the Police Unity Tour. We met up to touch base & talk fundraising, and also to check out the bar for a possible happy hour fundraiser (by the way, they have an awesome happy hour deal: buy one drink-ANY drink, and get a 2nd one free!).

I had a good time, despite not drinking. Both Mir & I were the only ones there not enjoying the delicious beer selection. I got to meet the bar's owners & they were very cool and excited to be in the neighborhood. I look forward to stopping here more often.

When we were leaving, I walked out to unlock my bike only to discover a zillion police cars & 2 ambulances in the block. Yikes. I later found out that apparently there was a shooting. Although the neighborhood is improving, there's still a ways to go. I didn't linger and steered Betty straight home. The temperature seemed to have dropped about 50 billion degrees and I was wishing I had worn something a little warmer than just my sweatshirt. At least the street lights were on my side and I hit nothing but green the whole way. Made it home safe & sound with no problems at all.

I like the ukulele-playing hula girl in the corner.

The jukebox is FREE! That could be a dangerous thing...

Miles ridden: 3.27
Soda & limes consumed: 2

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