Friday, April 20, 2012

#30daysofbiking: Day 19

After an evening of chore failure, I gave up. I was going to do a nice 30 minute ride around the neighborhood, but I was running out of time trying to get other stuff done.

Instead, I texted The Boy (who was working) to find out where he was and offered to meet up with him.

I set out on Kermit since I wanted to make sure all was well after his bath yesterday. I am getting much more comfortable & confident with riding on him now. I still think the stem needs to be raised just a tad; I adjusted the saddle height while I was on my canal ride and I thought I finally had it perfected, but riding it tonight still felt like it was just a bit too low. I will play with it more when I go for my ride at Hains Point tomorrow.

The Boy was only a few blocks away, which made for a very short ride. Still, I said hello & gave him a kiss (you can stop rolling your eyes now) and went back home.

Tomorrow is Friday Coffee Club, and even though I will be very sleepy, I still want to make it. Then it will be straight to Hains Point for a 20 mile ride.

Miles: 1.6 miles
Making The Boy's Partner Uncomfortable: Priceless

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