Saturday, January 8, 2011

Winter Weather Warrior: Week 1, Done!

Yesterday's CaBi ride was uneventful. Just my normal a.m. commute to work. I was meeting some friends at a bar after work, so I used CaBi to get there too.

I took a taxi cab home, of course.

And that marked the end of a week of Capital Bikeshare rides! Not bad, if I do say so myself.

This week began with a bang. Today was WABA's Resolution to Ride Safely bike ride. Despite feeling a little groggy from last night's imbibing, I dragged myself out of bed on this cold (and snowy) morning to meet with the other riders at 18th & Columbia. I grabbed a bike from the 16th & Harvard station and rode it the starting area. I could have grabbed one from the 18th & Columbia station, but I felt like riding rather than walking.

After a short little talk on what riding "responsibly" means, we were off! The ride was a nice, pleasant roll around downtown with highlights including the White House (obligatory photo op), the Pennsylvania Ave bike lanes, and the 15th St. cycletrack (with only one idiot driver parked right in the middle of the cycletrack). It was a pretty brisk morning, so we kept it moving. The thought of a nice hot cup of hot chocolate kept me motivated ;) I used the same bike throughout the ride, even though there were stations along the way that I could have stopped at to dock the bike and "reset" the clock to avoid additional fees. I don't like having to constantly stop during an organized ride and I didn't mind paying the fee. There was another rider also using CaBi, and he did stop at the stations along the way.

After the ride, I left the bike at the 18th & Columbia station and walked home (I had some time to kill before I had to head out to work--and use CaBi again to commute there).

The other rider that was using CaBi for the ride gave me a great idea for my days off. He says he uses CaBi as a sort of impromptu "bike tour" of DC via the bikeshare stations. He simply looks for the closest station, docks, checks the map for the next closest station, bikes there, docks, checks the map, etc.... He said its a great way to see DC from a new perspective and to see the parts of DC that maybe you haven't before. What a great idea!

And now, I'm off to work.

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