Monday, January 3, 2011

Capital Bikeshare Day 3: Ride to Nowhere in Particular

I'm feeling a tad better now, but still pretty wiped out.

I only got half of my workout done today, and the knowledge that I still needed to get a capital bikeshare ride done for today was looming in my mind.

I couldn't think of a good destination, so I finally decided to just go ahead, get a bike and just ride for a bit with no particular destination in mind.

The weather was pretty chilly, but it felt good after my last few days of being in a fever. Once I warmed up a bit on the bike, I wanted to keep riding and riding. Maybe downtown, maybe to the Mall, maybe over to Georgetown....

Alas, the boy texted me that he was starving and would like dinner ASAP. Duty calls!

So, after a short ride around Columbia Heights, I returned the bike to the docking station and headed home.

Riding nowhere in particular reminded me of being a kid; of days when I rode my just for the sake of riding my bike.

I look forward to more "pointless" trips like this in the future.

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