Sunday, January 2, 2011

Happy 2011!

Hi folks! Happy New Year!

I had planned on writing a resolutions post for New Year's Eve, but I came down with some horrible bug and wasn't able to do much except whimper in bed. I've been completely out of it the last two days, and am only now starting to feel human again. You know you're sick when you're already fast asleep on New Year's Eve by 11:30pm. :(

Resolutions. I like them. I know many other bloggers out there hate the very idea of "Resolutions". I've even read some dubious definitions of resolutions out there. (P.S. Resolution does not = "wishful thinking".  The Founding Fathers were not simply "wishfully thinking" their ideals, they were RESOLUTE in them).

Resolution. Re-Solution. A new solution to an old problem?

We all have the same problems year after year. Lose weight, save money, quit (bad habit), etc etc etc. Then we don't make any actual substantial changes to achieve those things. The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results, right? Well, maybe it's time for a Re-Solution. Start doing something *differently*, rather than doing (or not doing) what you've always done in the past. Also, a resolution is *not* a goal. It's how you *reach* that goal. You might have a goal to lose 30lbs. Your resolution might be to be more physically active or to quit drinking soda.

Last year, I quit smoking. This took a tremendous amount of effort on my part. Dozens, even hundreds, of attempts only to fail and go right back to smoking. It wasn't until I stopped doing what I had always done, and tried something different that it finally clicked. Basically, I got to the point where I finally realized that allowing myself to smoke for any reason was going to lead directly to failure. That is, I had to STOP smoking in order to quit smoking. I know this sounds like common sense, but to an addict its revolutionary. Once I learned that I simply had to never smoke the next cigarette, quitting became insanely easy. Now I don't even worry about it. My goal was to quit smoking. My resolution was to never pick up the next cigarette.

So, what will it be this year?

I have a few goals/resolutions in mind.

1. Goal 1: Lose 30lbs. When I quit smoking, I unfortunately gained something back, ha!

  • Resolution: Be more active by biking at least 50 miles/week at work and running 10 miles/week.
  • Resolution: Re-join Weight Watchers to track my food.
2. Goal: Get outside more

  • Resolution: One non-work/non-commute bike ride per week to something fun (bars don't count!).
  • Resolution: One workout a week should be done outdoors.
3. Goal: Save $XXXX (Keeping the exact amount private)

  • Resolution: Put aside $XXX per month in savings.
I have three more goals/resolutions but those are private.

I may or may not update my progress on this blog. Don't worry, I don't want this blog turning into a weight-loss centered blog either! But I may mention it here or there. I promise to warn you in advance.

Do you guys have any goals/resolutions? How was your New Years?

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