Thursday, January 6, 2011

Winter Weather Warrior: Day 4 & 5

Hi guys! Blogger is acting up so I'm posting this from my iPhone. Of course this would happen AFTER I downloaded all my pictures onto my computer. :-/

This will be just a quick update, sans photos :(

I am still getting used to leaving a little bit early in order to allow myself enough time to walk to & from the bikeshare stations without being late for work. So far so good! The only thing that worries me is that there has only been one bike available at my nearest station when I'm on my way to work. Yikes! I will be a very grumpy girl on a bike if there aren't any bikes available ;)

So far I've only used Capital Bikeshare for my a.m. commute. But that's just because I have been lazy in the p.m.

The weather has been very cooperative so far, although it almost got down to freezing tonight brrr!!!

Tomorrow I have jury duty. I know there is a Capital Bikeshare station near the court house. However I may catch a ride with a co-worker headed in the same direction tomorrow to avoid the morning rush. I will definitely be using it on the way back up tho.

And thats all for now.

I hope blogger gets it's crap together soon!

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  1. I'm enjoying your progress posts on the Winter Weather Warrior contest. Check out the Capital Bikeshare Facebook page. They linked to you.

  2. Ah. neato! Hello to any of you folks that ended up here because of the CaBi facebook shout-out! I apologize for my atrocious writing as of late, but I blame the flu.

  3. You can check online to see the number of bikes at a station, right? I'm thinking of joining when they open up the station near my office so I don't have to worry about maintaining my bike during winter.

  4. Yep! You can check the map at Capital Bikeshare's website, or you can download a smartphone app that can also tell you how many bikes/docks are available. I use Bixou, but there are a few others as well.