Monday, January 10, 2011

Winter Weather Warrior: Day 10

Another short ride today.

I got to my "home" station, and there were 3 bikes available. I tried my key in the first bike, and the little red light flashed angrily at me. No bike for you!

I tried the second bike, same thing.

Would the third bike be the charm?


Maybe they were all put down for repair? Maybe CaBi panicked about the winter weather advisory for tomorrow evening and pre-emptively shut down the system? Maybe I broke my key?

A quick call to a customer service rep (yay for 24 hour service), and the issue was quickly identified and resolved. At the time I signed up with CaBi, I used a card that had since been canceled. Oops! Once I updated my billing information, everything went smoothly. My key worked immediately and I rode to a nearby station, docked, took out another bike and rode back home.

It was a pleasant late night ride. Hardly any traffic (vehicular or pedestrian). Quiet & cold, just the way I like it. If I wasn't trying to go to bed at a reasonable hour, I would have gone downtown to the monuments for awhile.

I might dread leaving my warm, comfy living room to head out into the cold winter air for a bike ride, but I am always glad once I do it. If it weren't for this contest, I probably wouldn't have bothered today.

Tomorrow its back to my regular commute. Interesting to see what will happen with the alleged snow that's supposed to show up tomorrow afternoon....

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