Friday, January 7, 2011

Winter Weather Warrior: Day 6

Hello folks! Thank you to Capital Bikeshare for the shout-out on Facebook today!

Today was a brilliant day for a Capital Bikeshare ride. I had jury duty today, and after 6 hours of sitting still I couldn't wait to hop on a bike! I don't do well with being cooped up inside for too long.

Luckily, there was a station only 3 blocks from the Courthouse. It was a beautiful, sunny afternoon, the temperature was just right, and I had the entire rest of the day off for once!

I decided to take the Pennsylvania Avenue bike lanes to the the 15th St. cycletrack to go home. Of course, I had to make my usual stop at the White House for a photo op!

I slowly rolled through Lafayette Square and hopped onto the cycletrack at Vermont Ave. The cycletrack was finally clear!

Not a single parked car in the entire cycletrack. Perfect.

I had a very pleasant ride northbound to my home station and made it there in just about 39 minutes. Not bad for a pleasant roll.

39 minutes--yep, that's over the 30 minute "free ride" limit, but I'm ok with that. There were stations along my route that I could have docked at in order to reset the clock, but it's only $1.50. Compared to cab fare or even metro fare (what with the waiting, broken escalators, roving packs of angry teenagers, broken trains & bag searches), its a bargain! I don't mind paying the fee at all.

While I was stopped at a light on the cycletrack, a motorist even asked me about Capital Bikeshare. Maybe I converted him-who knows?

Onto day 7!