Sunday, January 2, 2011

Capital Bikeshare Contest Days 1 & 2

Day 1:

New Year's Day was a miserable one for me. I spent all of New Year's Day Eve in absolute misery at work. I had a fever, chills & muscle cramps & aches.  I was so miserable that I left Betty at work and caught a ride home from a friend. The very idea of biking was impossible. When I woke up New Year's Day, I felt slightly better but still pretty fried. I went to work to see if I improved at all. Nope. After handling one assignment, I realized that I was going to be absolutely no good to anyone, so I asked my boss if I could skip out early. I felt terrible for doing so because it was a holiday, but I could barely stand for more than 10 minutes at a time. Thankfully, they let me go.

I almost debated asking for a ride home. I knew that this would crush my hopes for at least a perfect attendance award for the Winter Weather Warrior contest before it even really began, but I was feeling terrible.  However, it was really warm out, and the fresh air might do me some good. It would be just a short ride, after all.

Capital Bikeshare won out. I wasn't going to give up before I even began. I walked to the closest station, unlocked a bike and rode very slowly towards the closest station to home. I managed to get there just as a Capital Bikeshare van was restocking the station. Neat. I locked the bike at the station and walked towards home, feeling no worse for the wear than when I started. Day 1 done!

Day 2:

I felt slightly more human today and decided to use Capital Bikeshare to retrieve poor Betty from work and bring her home. I walked to the station, unlocked a bike, rode for a bit and dropped the bike off at the closest station to work. Then I walked the rest of the way and got poor Betty out of the garage and rode her home. Day 2 done!

Looking forward to day 3!

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