Monday, August 2, 2010

Where's my sweater?

Whereas last week's temperature may have been "melt your face off", today's was "brrr. hot chocolate time!". What the eff? Actually it was nice to be outside without the oppressive heat. I hope this continues for the next few days.

No time for a coherent post today (I got some riding to do!), so I leave you with this photo dump instead.

Found this bike that was apparently abandoned in the street. Poor bike.


Chillin' in the garage because of the rain.
P.O.R.C, a new food truck venture.
It's still daylight, and people are lining up for U Street Music Hall.
I have no idea what the punch line is.
Um, no thanks.
DC is one of the few places that I know of where residents actually know what their "state" flag is (yes, I understand the irony of a "state" flag for DC)

mmm, BBQ.

The contraflow bike lane on 15th St. NW

Blurry photo of "bike salmon" cycling the wrong way in the contraflow lane.
Masonic Building

ahhhh, scary.......
Oh, it's a motorcycle.