Monday, August 2, 2010

Nifty PSA's from WABA

WABA has produced some helpful Public Service Announcements for motorists. Do you think this would help?

This drives me crazy, and is why I always caution cyclists never to ride alongside a vehicle when approaching an intersection, even if you are 100% positive that the vehicle is going straight. People change their minds and most motorists don't use turn signals anymore. If you can't see what the vehicle is about to do, you are in a bad position.

I would really like WABA to make a short PSA about right turns on red when there is a cyclist in the lane. Namely, YOU CAN'T. The other night I was coming home, and I was stopped in the bike lane at a red light before the stop line (in other words, where I am SUPPOSED to be). The vehicle behind me wanted to make a right turn and kept honking and honking at me to move (even going so far as to shout "move your ass out of the way or I'll run you over"). Threats to do bodily harm aside, that vehicle had no right to force me out of the way to make a right turn on red. Just as if there was motor vehicle ahead of you in the lane, you cannot go around that vehicle to make a right turn. Not only is it asinine, it's illegal and dangerous. So don't do it to a cyclist.

(And yes, I moved. He DID threaten my life, and I took it seriously. Given that it was 2am on a deserted road on a Saturday night (i.e. he was probably drunk), I wasn't going to take the chance. Sometimes you need to pick your battles).

The act below was the cause of my last accident and ended up with me losing 3 days of sick leave due to injury (damn, I wish I had Afflec at the time) to my arm. I was really lucky that nothing was broken, especially my head.

I especially like the dopey expression on the cyclist's face after being almost injured in both of these videos.

So what do you think? Will anyone learn anything from these videos?