Sunday, August 22, 2010

Burning Money...

I was innocently browsing the World Wide Web, looking for a pannier that would look nice on Betty...that's all. Just looking.

Somehow (I'm still not sure exactly what happened) I ended up purchasing over $100 worth of accessories including but not limited to: a skull L.E.D. light, a fuzzy pink zebra cup holder, MP3 speakers, and a cute handlebar-mounted airplane. AN AIRPLANE. FOR MY BICYCLE. Who needs a an airplane on their bicycle? Apparently, I do.

Did I manage to get my pannier bag? NO.

What is wrong with me? Jeeze.

However, I do feel proud of the things I did NOT purchase: a canopy, a handlebar-mounted umbrella stand, and a ridiculous horn.

(I'm still holding out for a flask holster, though...)

Speaking of accessories it will soon be time to "winterize" my Jamie.  Jamie, my Jamis Codasport, was my very first bicycle in DC. He's seen me through many seasons & riding conditions. Now that Betty has moved in, he's been sitting in the corner, all alone. I plan on using him as my "winter" bike when the conditions are not too good for Betty. However, he's going to need some work. I'll probably drop him off at Bicycle Stations for a tune-up and to have some full fenders and a rear rack added to him. I'll get that done in September.

Tomorrow, I'm going to meet up with a friend for a nice long bike ride, probably along the Mt. Vernon trail. Photos to follow.

In the meantime, here's a random photo dump to tide you over until then:

Blue Electra!

Bike rack or Scooter rack?

The owner of this bicycle must be pretty confident to leave both their seat stem bag (easily stolen) and helmet (at perfect dog-piss height) on the bike.

DC Afer Five

Pink handlebar tape

Giant Connect Four!

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