Sunday, August 15, 2010

Sad bicycle, seeking owner. FOUND!

Note: The owner got in contact with me today and will be retrieving her bike (whose name is Stella, by the way. HA!). She was out of town and hadn't had a chance to pick it up yet. Yay, so glad this bike won't be pining away for it's owner anymore.

Do any of you happen to know to who(m?) this bicycle belongs to? It's been locked up at the bike rack in front of Duffy's Irish Pub (2106 Vermont Ave. NW) for over a week. If the owner isn't found in the next few days, it's going to be declared abandoned and taken in for safekeeping by MPD. I have a feeling it either belongs to a 930 club patron that got a little too tipsy and forgot where they locked their bike (930 people: the bike racks at Duffy's are for *Duffy's* patrons, not you), or something happened to them (horrible accident and/or coma).

It looks like a vintage Schwinn bicycle, rust red in color with a white wire basket in the front and a Honolulu bike tag in the rear.

"I feel so sad :( "

1966 Honolulu Tag: 22035

"Mend Your Fuelish Ways"

If you happen to know the owner of this bike, please contact me at girlonabikedc AT gmail DOT com. The owner will need to provide proof of ownership, of course (most helpful being the key to the U-lock).