Thursday, August 18, 2011

Three Things Thursday (A Quickie)

1. Don't forget that tonight is the I Street Social Ride, hosted by BicycleSPACE. Tonight's theme is Robot Rumble, so break out your tinfoil & best blinky lights (cuz that's what robots are made of, right?). Unfortunately I can't make the right tonight due to my work schedule, but luckily it happens every Thursday evening! It's a fun, gentle ride through the streets of DC. You never know where you'll end up.

2. Win up to $5,000 for WABA (or any other bike-related organization of your choice). Submit a photo of your bike and your best biking story (250 words or less), and you win a year's supply of CLIF bars & a 5K grant for your favorite bike non-profit (like WABA). Two Runner-ups will receive a messenger bag full of CLIF bars & $2,500 for their favorite bike non-profit (like WABA). Details HERE. Do it.

3. If you haven't read this already, you must. I'm generally not a fan of the City Paper, but Alex Baca knocks this one out of the park: how the Symbolism of Bicycling in DC was hijacked.

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  1. Kate! Finally catching up w/ my #BikeDC tweeps/bloggers after being gone for PBP. Thanks for all the encouragement this year!! Oh, and thanks for the link to Alex Baca's article, too.