Thursday, August 11, 2011

Three Things Thursday (Right Turn Rant Edition)

1. I get really annoyed at drivers that do not make right turns properly when there is a bike lane present. I've noticed lately that drivers will not enter the bike lane (which they are supposed to do) to make their right turn, but will rather make the turn from "their" lane. This is WRONG. And dangerous to cyclists.  I'm guessing their thinking is that they are being considerate of cyclists by staying out of the bike lane at all times; however there are times when it is safer for a vehicle to do their business in the bike lane (like turns). According to DCMR, Title 18, Chapter 22:
Both the approach for a right turn and a right turn shall be made as close as practicable to the right-hand curb or edge or the roadway.

This way, there is very little chance of "accidentally" right-hooking a cyclist, since theoretically there shouldn't be a cyclist on your right since the curb is there.  There have been plenty of times I've been cycling in the bike lane and a driver ahead of me will turn from their lane, essentially cutting me off. That is why there is a dotted line in the bike lane, drivers---it's so you can enter it. PREDICTABILITY, people.

2. Conversely,  I get super peeved at the bike lane hoggers who position their vehicle half-in & half-out of the bike lane while they are stopped in traffic because they are going to make a right turn half a block ahead. NO. You are also doing it wrong. You move your vehicle into the bike lane at the approach to a right-hand turn. You are not approaching anything if you are stopped. And half a mile away. Stop it.

 3. I get really peevey at drivers that go around me while I'm stopped at a red light so they can make a right turn on red. NO! You will just have to wait your damn turn. You wouldn't go around a stopped vehicle at a red light so you can turn right, why would you do that to a human being? If your vehicle is not positioned next to the right-hand curb/edge because there is a cyclist next to you, you shouldn't make a right turn (asshat). This should be common sense.  Maneuvering your 2-ton vehicle directly in front of a human being so that you don't have to wait 25 seconds for the light to turn green is a dick move.


  1. That last one happens to me in Rosslyn all the time.

  2. These are the worst! The other day while riding to work I saw almost all of these things happen. I was recording with my video camera so I hope I can put together a companion video piece for this rant.

  3. When I used to commute to work through Georgetown, I often experienced #3 at the intersection of M and Wisconsin NW. More than a few times I got honked at because I was waiting to go straight, and the motorist behind me wanted to turn right on red. Honking just guaranteed I wasn't going anywhere until that light flipped green (not that I would have gone through otherwise).

  4. Stupid drivers. I usually pass left if they put their turn signal on. just a couple days ago though, an unmarked (and but for the license plate otherwise unobtrusive) k9 police vehicle made a right without a turn signal. idiot almost got me.

    :). Happy days. nice blog.

    first time visitor - ftv, fwiw.