Saturday, May 21, 2011

Pre-Ride Checklist

-Put air in tires
-charge camera battery
-lay out clothes
-fill water bottle
-Body Glide the crap out of myself
-pack bag

  • snacks
  • map
  • gloves
  • keys
  • wallet
  • tool bag (mini-pump, spare tube, multi-tool)
  • lock

Optional (depending on weather)

  • rain jacket
  • extra shirt, socks & underwear
I have a really long day ahead of me tomorrow. Before I even get to the start-line for Bike DC, I am meeting friends for a mini-birthday party at 5:30AM. Yes, that's in the MORNING. These friends work a midnight shift, so they can't make my party tomorrow night. Hence meeting them after their "workday". I figured since I have to be up early, I might as well start my birthday celebrations right ;-)

I plan to be at the starting area by 7am. I will be meeting some friends, and then we will be off! I will of course be using a mapping program of some kind. I might see if I can get MapMyRide's "live" mapping feature to work. I dunno. Oh, I plan on riding Betty this year. If you happen to be doing this ride, please do say hello! She's pretty hard to miss, so you should be able to recognize me fairly easily!

After the ride, I plan to hang out at the finish festival for a bit and then head into DC for brunch & mimosas.

Then it's a late lunch with the parents.

Followed by my informal birthday party with my pals.

See? Long day.

I will have my Bike to Work Day post up soon too. I had an AWESOME Bike to Work Day, and I hope you did too.

In the meantime, why don't you check out previous year's Bike DC rides?

2009's ride recaps are here and here. (Can you believe I was a smoker?!)

2010's ride recaps are here and bit of it here.

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