Tuesday, May 3, 2011

April Round-Up/Lazy Post

This is going to be a lazy photo-dump rather than a coherent post because I'm doing this out of guilt of Not Posting More Often rather than I Have An Idea to Share....

Sorry... ;-)

Saw this dog BEAR being taken for a walk. The picture does not do it justice..

Betty met her soulmate! That's an Electra Rat Rod; basically the same model but for boys...

We seemed to have skipped right over Spring and gone straight to the hot, humid days of Summer...

I love the Carousel on the Mall. The seahorse/dragon is my favorite.

I voted! Again!

Finally tried it. I declare it.....Not Bad.

The Boy's birthday was this weekend and he invited two of his childhood pals to visit. We were exploring the neighborhood and I suggested that CaBi was a better way to go than silly cabs! They bought it!

Bonfires & Beer.

After the news of Bin Laden's capture, I rode down to the White House to celebrate. It was amazing. Even the ride down was full of cheering and American flags & happy (and relieved) people. I wish I could have gotten better pictures, but I was pretty swept up in the emotion of things. I didn't realize how much of a weight I carried with me after 9/11 until I felt it being lifted with Bin Laden's execution. I have a lot of thoughts to share on this...but not here.

Another amazing thing from that celebration? All of the people riding CaBi to get there! I saw a ton of CaBi bikes!

I do have actual ideas I would like to share (Bicycle Parking, anyone?) but I haven't had a chance to sit down and put them in any sort of coherent order.

April's 30 Days of Biking was a success, but only in that I pretty much bike everyday anyway ;-) May is Bike Month (or at least, I heard someone say that) and I am so looking forward to Bike DC! May 22nd! Register!

The weather has been fan-effing-tastic lately, and I want to soak up every single sunshine ray that I can before the oppressive heat starts setting in.

(I know that if I simply posted smaller posts more often I wouldn't feel so guilty and overwhelmed with trying to post Epic Posts to Catch Up, but I am the Procrastinator At Heart. Sorry).

Ride safely.

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