Sunday, July 11, 2010

Wow. I think I totally forgot I even had this blog!

It's ok, its not like I have any readers anyway, HA! So, to update you from my last entry, I am still riding a bike everyday, and still an ex-smoker.

Here's some photos from some bike-related things since last year.

Bike DC 2010!

I hate blogger's web editor. It posts all my pictures in the wrong order. Anyway, here's the finish line. Look, I'm dry AND warm!!

Saw this cute little guy (the doggie, not the zebra-spandexed ass) on the ride.

I chose to use Jamie this year since it was a nice spring day.

Did I mention that this event happened to fall on my birthday this year? And my brother even came to visit and ride with me!

The DC Bike Ambassador.

A Penny-Farthing Bicycle in the Traveling Bicycle Museum.

Bike DC was so much better this year. Last year I was freezing and wet and miserable. They had enough sense this year to move it to the Spring rather than Fall, so the chances of the weather cooperating were better. Even if it rained, at least it would be warm! I had fun, and can't wait to do it again next year. It was a pretty darn good birthday.

This is Betty. She's one of my new additions. I lub her :)

This is me biking on my way to Bike Prom. The theme was "Beyond the Velodrome" (post-apocalyptic).

My work-horse bike, chillin' in the metro station.

Betty, in front of the white house. I don't know who the Asian dude is. He got in my shot. There were a bunch of annoying tourists around, and I couldn't get any of them out of my way.

Betty and the Washington Monument. Not one of my favorites.

Meridian Hill Park, the pretty side of it.

The Lincoln Memorial. I think this is one of my favorite places late at night. The tourists are gone, the city is quiet and this place is so beautiful. It's just peaceful.

So, there's only a few of my biking adventures. I promise to TRY and keep this thing updated from now on.