Monday, January 30, 2012

A Thank You

Thank you to everyone that came out and made the Police Unity Tour Fundraiser a fun, successful night (and also to you that donated online). We managed to raise a total of $726.00, which isn't too shabby for a few hours worth of work. Also, a big thank you to Georgetown Cupcake for donating 2 dozen of their delicious cupcakes for our raffle. There were two lucky participants who went home happy. Also congrats to the other raffle winners! (We also raffled off some wine, some messenger bags and a few water bottles).

The first fundraising deadline has been met, thanks to you. In order to stay on the roster of riders, we had to have raised $500 by tomorrow (January 31st). I've surpassed that, so thank you!

(Also, just as an interesting aside: There are 88 riders on the roster for Chapter 4. If all 88 riders meet their fundraising MINIMUM by the ride, Chapter 4 will have raised $150,000 for the Law Enforcement Memorial Fund. And that's just ONE chapter of the Tour. Your donating DOES make a difference).

I saw many familiar faces, and manged to put real faces to online names, so that's always a good thing. Quite a few of the twitterati & #DCbike people were there, as well as a swarm of fellow police. It's always interesting to see how the two groups attempt to mingle. If I hadn't been so distracted with greeting everyone, I would have remembered to take photos. Oh well,  next time!

This is only our first of many activities to come, so we're still working out the kinks a bit. If you showed up early, you would have noticed that I was stuck by myself for a bit, so I couldn't get up and socialize too much. This is because the other rider doing this adventure with me (Mir), was told at the last minute that she was receiving an award (I'm pretty sure it was for "Super Cop of the Year" or something like that) so she had to go and pretend to be modest and pick up her award. HA! Anyway, I hope no one felt ignored or neglected. I think everyone had a good time. Once Mir showed up, things went a bit more tipsy smoothly.

We're getting ready to plan our next event (most like it will be a "Coffee & Donuts" ride of some sort, $5 a person donation to ride). We're also getting together some donation incentives. We'll hold an online donation drive in which the person that donates the most amount of money in a certain amount of time will win a prize of some sort.

I wish I could update you on our training, but my bike is still being pieced together so we haven't been able to get out for any good rides yet. Soon, hopefully. I know the parts have been ordered; its just a matter of time of waiting for the bike shop to put them all together. I'm itching to get back on the road. I still ride Betty around town, but she's not really meant for any sort of training rides; and the Jamis is still out of commission from that bike parking incident. I'll be honest-the cold weather isn't helping my motivation at all. Even though we've had a spectacularly mild winter (this time last year, we were still digging ourselves out of snowcommuteageddon), I'm still not a fan of the cold. Last year, the Winter Weather Warrior contest from Capital Bikeshare was pretty much the only thing that got me on a bike voluntarily last January & February. I say this knowing full well that I'd rather take the coldest January day rather than the hottest, stickiest August day in DC. I'm just being spoiled, that's all.

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