Saturday, January 14, 2012

Guest Post: Biking in Washington DC in 2012

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Taking a break from fundraising stuff, here's a guest article about biking in DC by a pretty cool young lady. Good stuff. NOTE: I updated this post, since the links in the article were accidentally left out the first time I posted it. Be sure to check them out, especially the Mt. Vernon & W&O trail links--they are some of my favorite trails!

Biking in Washington DC in 2012
If you own a bicycle, and you live in Washington DC, you have a wealth of opportunities to explore history, run errands, and enjoy some quality exercise time. If you live in the capitol of the US you are one of the lucky people who can guide your bike out of your garage, and head downtown to visit your favorite DC dentist. If you have a container holder on your bike, on the way back from the dentist you can stop by your family grocery store and pick up some staples to take home.

On the many beautiful days DC has to offer you might want to save your feet from the long walks, ride your bike, and visit some of the amazing places to be found here. One of the most spectacular places you can ride to is the Washington Monument, the White House, and most of the "must sees" in the area, including the many museums and places of interest.

If you have the opportunity, along with proper lighting on your bicycle, a night tour of Washington DC is well worth the planning. You will be able to see the Washington Memorial as well as the Lincoln Memorial and Vietnam War Memorial flooded with lights making each one a little more special than you see it during the day.

If you are an avid bicyclist you will be pleasantly surprised with the many bike trails available. For example, the Mount Vernon Trail is an 18 mile scenic trail. It runs along the Potomac River and the destination is George Washington's estate at Mount Vernon. If you prefer a longer ride you might enjoy the Washington & Old Dominion Trail. This 45 mile paved trail spans from Shirlington and Purcellville, VA.

Riders can also choose a route to travel ranging from an all terrain area to asphalt only. The routes allow you to include optional stops. One of these is named 'The Zoo Review." This bike route has unpaved sections and it goes from Georgetown to Bethesda and allows for a stop at the National Zoo. One of the best routes to travel in the DC area is the Washington/Cumberland area named the "C&O Towpath." It is considered to be one of the best off-road bike trails in the U.S.

Visitors are sometimes surprised with the number of people they see riding their bikes to work. This is a great way of commuting. It allows you to get your daily exercise while also saving money on gasoline and doing your part to help keep the air clean. There is no doubt that Washington DC offers a wealth of opportunity for bike riders. You might choose to ride your bike for your annual checkup or take one of the long route rides. The area truly offers something for everyone.

Liz Davies is a recent college graduate and aspiring writer especially interested in beauty and fashion. She wants to make a difference in people’s lives by spreading positive messages. Liz also likes shopping, hanging out with friends, reading and playing with her dog, April.


  1. Cool post. I visited DC a couple summers ago. I came down on the train with my folding bike, and I have to say, I was pleasantly surprised at how much cycling activity there was in the area. Less excited about the midday temperatures breaking 100F though...

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