Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Bike Karma!

First, I would like to Congratulate Will for winning the $50 Revolution Cycles gift card giveaway! Congrats!

Also, thank you to Capital Bikeshare & Revolution Cycles for the opportunity to give something back!

Second, for those of you that left a comment with your favorite cycling memory (even you, Erik, even though you deleted yours out of fairness!) I really enjoyed reading about all of them. Seriously. Bicycling is awesome!

The last few days, Betty has been having some issues. I rode home the other night and I hit a bump. All of a sudden, I couldn't pedal anymore! Not only could I not pedal, but I couldn't brake! Yikes! Betty's chain had slipped off. Not good! Luckily I was on level ground, and I was able to stop and fix it without crashing. I figured it was all good once I got home, since the chain managed to slip back on while I was walking her home.

Then yesterday, I was on my way to the Roller Derby match at the DC Armory when Betty threw her chain again! Oh no!!! I didn't have time to fiddle around with her this time, and I almost crashed because I lost my braking ability again. arrrrrgh! I locked her up in front of Duffy's and prayed that I would have time to fix her another time. I really had to get to Derby! Luckily a friend was driving, so I hitched a ride with him.

I had a great time at the Roller Derby (only 2 more games this season, people!) and ended up having to leave Betty locked up overnight at Duffy's.

I came back today to get her, and figured I would just walk her to the nearest Bike Shop for a fix. I was walking along V St, when a bunch of guys that were standing in front of a row house noticed my wonky chain :-( They stopped me and asked if I needed a fix--I said sure! (What did I have to lose?)

Those guys had my chain back on and tightened in 10 minutes flat. How awesome?! I offered to pay them money, but they refused.  They saved me a good 30 minute walk, and who knows in labor fees. Seriously, how awesome? I believe some beer might magically appear on their doorstep in the near future.

That is a true example of bike karma :-)

So, who's excited about Spring? I know it still feels like Winter, but Spring is here. It really is! So many cool events coming up.

Who's with me?

What's your favorite Spring event?

Total Bike Karma. I have no doubt there will come a time when I can pay this favor back!


  1. I'm just looking forward to doing a whole bunch of walking this spring! (and hopefully summer won't be too miserable this year.)