Friday, June 29, 2012

Maybe there will be a sudden cold front...

As I am writing this, DC is experiencing what is known as a "derecho" which is apparently Spanish for "MASSIVE STORM OF DOOM AND WIND AND RAIN"*. Hopefully I will not lose power as I need it to power my alarm clock so I wake up in time for the Total 200 ride tomorrow morning. It's pretty nasty out, but hopefully it will cool things down a bit. All I can hear right now are thunderbolts & sirens.

Yes, I am riding the Total 200 (the 200k option). Finishing it...that's another story.

(excuse me. There was a massive thunder strike and I just jumped out of my skin.)

To be perfectly honest, I'm not 100% thrilled with this ride. I haven't trained for it properly and it is ridiculously hot right now. Today's temps reached 104, and that's not even the heat index (112). Tomorrow is forecasted to be at least 100. I do not do well with the heat. It scares me. It is apparently making the organizers a little nervous too because they are "strongly encouraging" people to skip the 200 mile option, and just ride the 200K.

But, I will be riding with a friend and we have both agreed that we will try to do our best, and that there is no shame in dropping out if it gets too stupid out there. I have no doubt that on a normal weather day, we wouldn't have an issue with the ride.

It's fully supported, so I don't foresee too many problems. I just need to remember to hydrate/refuel on a regular schedule. The problem with riding in the heat for me is that I tend to lose my appetite and don't want to take in anything--which is not good on a 125 mile ride.

Now, I'm off to get my stuff together & get a few hours sleep before the alarm (HOPEFULLY) goes off.

Things I am bringing with me:
-Fruit chews
-Honey Stinger Waffles
-Mixed salted nuts
-Ride Glide
-ID & health insurance card

My mophie juice pack for my iPhone is no longer working, so I am not sure if I will track the entire ride like I usually do. I want to save the battery in case there is some sort of emergency on the way. We'll see.


*It's not. It just means "right". I dunno.


  1. Capital Weather Gang has a great write up all about "Derecho" - its basically tornado strength winds without the funnel cloud, it just marches forward.

  2. How did the ride go? I've participated in this ride since the very beginning when there were only about 12 of us riding (yes, I was one of the original riders), $5-$10 reg fee, and no planned stops. I've done it about 4x but only finished it once. Have volunteered a lot since. I was at checkpoint #2 doing rider check-ins. Had I read this earlier I would have kept an eye out for you.