Monday, November 21, 2011

We interrupt this irregularly updated cycling blog to bring you....

I apologize for this not being totally cycling related, but it is *me* related....

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You know you've always wanted to watch a bunch of women arm wrestle each other! Indulge your secret fantasy while doing a good deed and COME ON OUT TO THE DCLAW EVENT ON DECEMBER 3RD!

Yes, that's right. Your faithful blogger has become a Lady Arm Wrestler. Meet "Capitol Punishment".

Watch me struggle conquer at the table! I promise that if you bet on me, your money will NOT go to waste because it all goes to the Legion whether I win or lose.

How does it work? Show up! Pay the cover charge! ($5) Buy DCLAW Bucks to place bets on the wrestlers! You can place your bets at the Bookie Table OR with each wrestler's entourage. Win prizes!! (If you bet on the winning wrestler AND you bet the MOST--you win a prize!)

Cash bar available, with very reasonably priced drinks (this IS the American Legion we are talking about here).

Where does the money raised go? To the American Legion! The Legion has hosted DCLAW from the beginning, and its time to give back. The money will go to making the building ADA compliant for disabled vets & guests--a much needed improvement.

Check out the DCLAW blog & FB page to find out more!

What other awesome ladies can you expect to compete?

The Kentucky Dirty!
The Jillotine!
Coco the Killer Clown!
Top Guns!
Ms. T Dynamite!
The Ohio Hacksaw!
Bo Shemoth!

Emceed by Daddy Whorebucks!

Can you think of a more awesome way to spend a Saturday evening? I didn't think so. Please come on out and place your bets (hopefully on me, Capitol Punishment)! I hope to have the space packed with fans! Plus, you get to meet me and my awesome entourage (what, doesn't everybody have one?!) And yes, I will be biking to the event (there are bike racks located next door the Legion, in front of WSC).

I am super nervous since this is my first match-so I will appreciate any and all encouragement and support I get from you guys! PLEASE feel free to say hello to me and hang out. The more "fans" I have in the place, the more I awesome I get!

Save the date!

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