Tuesday, April 19, 2011

I'm fine.

Hi guys, I'm still doing #30DaysofBiking, I just haven't been able to post in awhile.

My beloved cat, Indiana Jones*, fell ill very suddenly and passed away on Friday.

It's untethered me a bit.

I've been very slowly trying to put everything back together again. It's been a reality adjustment for me, as a fairly significant and constant portion of it is simply gone.

Anyway, I will be back with inane ramblings & photos very soon. Perhaps with some good news, even.

I have been biking everyday (except for that awful, horrible, no-good day on Friday), and the weather just keeps getting warmer and more spring-ier by the day.

Thank you to those that sent their condolences on the passing of Indy. I really do appreciate it.

The Evilest Hench Cat Ever.

*I did not name her that.

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