Sunday, April 10, 2011

Days 8, 9, & 10 #30DaysOfBiking

Not too many pictures this time, as my biking has been pretty boring.

Bike to work. Bike from work. Bike to brunch. Bike to bar. Bike home.

It does not help that the weather had been pretty dismal...

I keep forgetting to put a seat cover on.

I had a little bike adventure planned for today, but my riding partner lost power in her home (no alarm) so she overslept. I suppose I could have gone on my own, but I started feeling pretty awful soon after (chills, nausea, headache) so I stayed on the couch.

I started feeling human again later on, and biked down to my favorite spot for some human interaction. So there's that.

Tomorrow the temps are supposed to reach the mid 80's. Wha wha?? Can't I have a nice mild spring day? My friend is trying to drag me out of bed super early tomorrow for a ride that will be very complicated for me to get to. Normally I would jump on the chance, but I still feel like a hollowed-out shell from earlier. I think I will pass. Instead I will go out on my own later in the day and do some scavenger hunting..

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