Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Hit and Run (Post)

Just a quick post for now. I've been out of town dealing with a funeral and a wedding (neither were mine, in case you were wondering...) and I have a backlog of stuff I want to post about!

But for now....

Have you ever wondered how bicycle parking regulations are determined? Got an idea about bicycle parking? Do you even know what the bicycle parking regulations ARE?

Well, now you can find out and even help to shape them! The DC Office of Planning has released draft proposals for bicycle parking zoning regulations (as well as vehicle parking and those pesky loading zones), and has opened the forum for comments. There will be a public hearing on Nov. 15th, but if you can't make it and would like to add your own thoughts and comments, you can do so here.

For instance, just how many long-term bike parking spaces should a sexually-based business have? The DC Office of Planning says just one (1) per 10,000 square feet. Hrmm......

Seriously though, do you think a minimum of six short-term spaces (i.e. a bike rack) is enough for parks & recreational areas? Do you think the minimum regulations for a "bicycle room" are too much (a motion sensor light with tamper proof housing? All areas of the room must be visible from the doorway)?

Well, now's the time to leave your thoughts!

Again, take a peek here.

P.S. Work on the improvements to the 15th St. cycle-track could begin this week!

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