Friday, October 1, 2010

CaBi to the rescue!

So today was Ark weather. Seriously, I was soaked to the bone at work.

Although it was moist when I rode Betty to work, it was quite "Flood-ian" when I needed to leave. The idea of riding her through such wet weather did not please me. Tho I love Betty, she is no Jamie (and I love Jamie, as neglected as he is) and therefore in the garage at work she had to remain. It was simply pouring rain outside, and that was No Good For Her.

(I love riding in the rain, however)

So, I managed to get myself to a neighborhood bar to wait out the rain. And wait it out, I did.

And wait. And wait. And wait.

Finally, the rain let up a little bit.

But then I thought to myself,

"Self, you have a shared bike membership key! Why not use one of those bikes to ride through the crappy weather?!"

And it was so.

I grabbed a CaBi bike that was a mere two blocks away and rode towards home. The nearest docking station for home was also a mere two blocks away from my door. How handy!

And so I got home, relatively safe and "dry".

(ok, well not dry. But happy!)

Tomorrow, I get to do the reverse. And you know what? I am so grateful I don't have to pay a cabbie or walk all that way in the rain. Yay!

All of this would probably explain why today I saw the most number of CaBi bikes "in the wild" then I have seen since the launch---a grand total of 10 times today! I am quite sure the wet weather had a lot to do with it too; why ride your own Precious in the crappy weather, when you can borrow someone else's bike for cheap, right?? It was a totally crappy, rainy day today and I saw a huge number of cyclists, AND most of them were safe & sane about it too (reflective clothing, lights, signals, etc). Awesome. Today was the perfect example for cyclists who already have their own bikes to try CaBi. Why muck up your own, when you can muck up someone else's!

Still, I am really glad I had that key for CaBi. I have a feeling it will pay itself off very shortly.


  1. Loved your story! I just purchased my membership, and can't wait to start exploring its benefits...

  2. Thanks! I figure if I only take 10 trips this year with it, then it will have paid for itself! Well worth it. Also, I loved your post about the 50 States Ride!

  3. Thank you so much... I really enjoy your blog and loved your comment about the purple cycling cap post!


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