Thursday, March 30, 2017

Errandonnee 2017 completed! For folks unfamiliar with the Errandonnee Challenge, check it out here.  Basically, you have 12 days to complete 12 errands by riding/running a minimum of 30 miles.

I'm actually pretty chuffed that I managed to complete this challenge. It has been awhile since I've done any sort of regular biking. I like that this challenge didn't require a daily commitment (that's next month, with 30 Days of Biking). I could do everything in one day or spread it out (I spread it out). Plus, it gave me the chance to finally try shopping & doing other useful activities by bike now that I live here.

Without further ado, here's the recap:

Location: Kent Island, MD.
Total Miles: 40

Errand 1: To The Playground! I put the kiddo in the Yepp seat on my beach cruiser, and we rode to the local playground for an afternoon of enjoying spring weather.
Category: You carried What on your bike?

Off we go!


Errand 2: Dropping the Kiddo off at the Baby Sitter's. Now that the weather is warmer, I will probably do this more often since its less than 2 miles away and way more fun than the car.
Category: Non-Store Errand

Diaper Bag in the Basket

Errand 3: Coffee Pitstop at Waterman Joe's.
Category: Personal Care (caffeine is self-care).
Waterman Joe's is a little drive-up trailer on the local main street. Funny story: the first time my husband got coffee there, he parked his car and walked up to the window. Everyone looked at him like a nutcase. He didn't realize you could drive your car up to the window, he was so used to walking to places. The lady working the window was a little startled to see my on my bike, heh. She asked where I was going to put the coffee--in my holder of course!

I really should have brought my own mug. 

Drive up/Bike up Window

Errand 4: Spa Day. I got my hair cut, brows waxed and nails painted at a local spa/salon. It was probably the fanciest salon I've ever been to, and I stood out a bit with my bike clothes. But it was so worth it.
Category: Personal Care

Fancy! This place was huge.

No bike racks, so I had front porch parking.

Errand 5: Stopped by the local bike shop. They were having their spring tent sale, so I stopped by to see what they had. I picked up some socks and a new multitool (I can't find my other one).
Category: Personal Business

Lots of Bikes. Especially Beach Cruisers.

Errand 6: Off to Kmart to pick up some prescriptions and other personal items.
Category: Personal Business


Errand 7: Rita's was finally open for the season, so of course I had to stop for a cone!
Category: Wild Card


Errand 8: Crab Shack for Lunch. The local crab shack is finally open for the season, so I stopped for lunch. I had the crab cake sandwich. It was overly salted. Oh well. They have teens that work there, so I'm sure its just a matter of time before they get the recipe right.
Category: Non-Store Errand.

Crab cake sandwich

Errand 9: K-Mart (again). Needed some supplies plus a new coffee mug for the bike.
Category: Store

Good thing I was on my bike, otherwise I might have bought the grand piano for me, the kiddo

Errand 10: Antique Store. I needed some home decor items, and luckily my town has a bunch of antique and art stores. I managed to pick up a pretty sailboat here, and carried it on my bike without it breaking.
Category: You carried What on your bike?!

Antique-ing by bike.

Errand 11: The Art Studio. I still needed something pretty for the house, so I stopped here. A small painting of red strawberries against a blue background caught my eye. The employee told me that it was painted by a local artist that recently had a stroke, and could no longer paint. He told me she would be so happy to hear that someone bought her painting. I'm definitely going back for another--she painted a beautiful heron that would look good hanging up on the wall.
Category: Arts and Entertainment


Errand 12: Lunch Date with Kiddo. I want to do this more often, but he's still a little young. He's at the age where he just wants to throw everything, so it can be a bit of an ordeal eating a meal in public. There's a restaurant nearby that is open for lunch, and usually empty or with a few senior citizens that don't mind a boisterous toddler. We rode there and had a nice, but quick, meal. He had the hotdog and fries (he preferred the fries) and I tried the oysters Florentine. I've never had oysters before and I wanted to give them a shot. Not bad. I might try them again.
Category: Social Call

He still prefers eating crayons rather than drawing with them.

Oysters Florentine. Next time, I will try them raw.

And that brings Errandonnee 2017 to a close. I am so glad I participated. I don't think I would have ridden my bike at all otherwise. I signed up for 30 Days of Biking for April, so we'll see how that goes.

In other news, I am doing so much better than before. I took 8 weeks of family leave from work so I could concentrate on taking care of my mom & son without worrying about scheduling everything around work. I go back to work in 2 weeks, and I'm already in a much better state of mind. I'm still sad about the pregnancy loss, but its no longer a raw, angry, pain. And now that Spring has sprung and I've been able to get outside more, I feel mentally and physically refreshed. Getting outside in the fresh air is essential. Today is the first day in 2 weeks that I haven't hit my step goal with my fitbit (I actually forgot to take my walk today). I'm a little miffed that I'm breaking my streak, but that's ok. Back at it tomorrow.


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