Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Boundary Stone Bike Ride!!

Hi all!

I'm still alive, still here. Not much has changed since my last post, just the season. Autumn is here, and I am looking forward to halloween! I've got my costume picked out, but I still need to figure out what the kiddo will be....last year, we already had his costume ready to go by now! We might "trick or treat" by bike. I need to figure out a costume theme that works with a Burley Bee...

I've signed up for a couple of road races (the Run for the Badge 5K next weekend, and then The 10K Across the Bay next month). I have barely trained for these at all, but I need something organized to get me going. I have a friend doing both with me, so that should help. I need to get outside more.

Other than that, things are still the same. I miss my dad, living with mom is still awesome. Oh, did I mention I will be an Aunt soon? I will! Liam is getting a cousin. My brother and his wife are expecting a little boy in the New Year. Liam is getting so big. He's walking and running around, generally causing (gentle) chaos wherever he goes.

I did want to mention an upcoming bike ride that I think you might be interested in; I've mentioned it before: The Boundary Stone Bike Ride (sponsored by....surprise! Boundary Stone! ha.).

If you like history (yes) and cycling (yes), than this is the ride for you. On Saturday, 10/22, join a bunch of other history/cycling nerds and bike around the original perimeter of DC, hitting all the old Boundary Stones. Each side of the Diamond is about 15 miles--you can pick how many sides you actually want to ride (I suggest the entire kaboodle).  Plus you get a free beer ticket for the after-party at Boundary Stone (if you have never been there, I HIGHLY recommend. I have never been disappointed. Excellent food, great drinks). I've heard the ride is kinda like the Blair Witch Project, but with less snot.

I would definitely be doing this ride, but unfortunately I signed up to do a Murder Mystery dinner/show on the Western Maryland Scenic Railroad on that day. But YOU need to do this ride so I can hear how awesome it was. Please!

Meet at Jones Point Park at 9am, ride departs at 9:30am.  After-party at Boundary Stone starts at 7pm. First 50 registrants get a swag bag & t-shirt (no idea what's in it, but I have a feeling its worth it, if I know Boundary Stone).

Anyway, please do the ride so I can live vicariously through you. And I'll let you know how the train ride goes...

Phoenix Bikes and Gearin' Up Cycles will both be on hand to help with bike issues at the start. And DC Brau will be providing the drink specials. Can't think of a better combo.


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