Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Back from vacation

So, I know my last post was a bit of a bummer, and I wish I could say things got better...but they got worse. A friend of mine died unexpectedly & I felt more burned out than ever.

BUT. I went on vacation last week to the OBX, which was not only great in of itself, but I came back to lovely autumn-like weather in DC! No oppressive humidity & sweating constantly! I think the change in seasons is just what the doctor ordered. I'm feeling better already & things are looking up.

The OBX was awesome, as always. Nearly perfect weather (it was super hot & humid on our first day and it rained very briefly another day) and I got to bring Betty with me!

Betty loved being on the beach. We didn't get in as much riding as I intended, but we did ride some. The Boy brought his chopper bike down too, since he was due a tune-up and it was bought at the bike shop there. The bikes came in really handy because our friends were staying in a house 5 doors down and the grocery store was across the street. It was super easy to just jump on the bikes and go. Although one of my friends insisted on driving his truck between our places rather than simply walk. Can't convince everyone, right?

The best part? No locks. No one locks their bikes down there. I left Betty unlocked outside the grocery store a bunch of times & she remained unmolested. Although one surfer dude did stop me to tell me that my bike was "pretty dope". I think that's a compliment.

I saw quite a bit more cyclists (even two roadies!) than I remember seeing before. Even though the OBX is a beach community with small towns, there's only one way to get between them and that is highway 12. There are Share the Road signs posted, but I still didn't feel too comfy riding on it. I mainly stuck to our little area.

Some photos:

Much eating & drinking was had. I can't wait for next year

Speaking of parties (we were, weren't we?), tomorrow (Wednesday) is September's DC Bike Party! This month the ride will depart from Dupont Circle at 8pm, pit stop at RFK & then end at Mille & Al's in Adams Morgan for a late happy hour. Music will be heard! They have a pretty neato sound system set-up, so bring some tunes. You can even add tunes to their Spotify playlist here. Go forth and shout WOO. Yet again, I'm working at that time so I can't make the ride, but I might be able to stop by Millie & Al's for the happy hour part. As always, ride safely!

The map for the route can be found here.

(Haven't heard about DC Bike Party before? Check them out. You won't be sorry).

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