Saturday, December 31, 2011

2011 in Review

2011 was a great year. I can only hope 2012 gets even better.


I started off the year sick (as I am apparently repeating that pattern this year!). I began the Capital Bikeshare Winter Weather Warrior Contest. It snowed like crazy. I Resolved to Ride Responsibly with WABA.


Still going strong with the Winter Weather Warrior Contest! I was absolutely sick of winter. I had the worst bike ride ever (HAIL OW OW OW OW). The Superb Owl happened (with special guest Question Mark Suit Guy), and I watched some Roller Derby. Oh, and that guy hit me with his car. (Speaking of, there is an ending to that story, and I will tell it all after the 9th, when the judge hands down her sentencing decision and I can finally breathe).


Achieved perfect attendance with the Winter Weather Warrior Contest! Rode the Vasa Ride with a few friends. Well, most of it (work schedules interfered).  It was a cold, rainy ride, but I had a great time. I attempted my first (and only) cupcake experiment--must do more in 2012!  Rode the CCT with some friends. Experienced awesome bike karma when some random strangers helped fix Betty. I was getting excited for Spring to arrive.


30 days of biking! Lots of bars & brunches. I lost my beloved kitty, Indiana Jones. The Governator & Kevin Spacey decided I was a role model, and did some biking around DC. Ok, maybe it wasn't because of me, but how do you know? Spring was springing.


Bike month! Betty found her soul mate. I convinced my out of town guests that Bikeshare was the way to go. I celebrated the death of Bin Laden at the White House with hundreds of other people. I did a Coffee Crawl and was way too caffeinated.  I Biked to Work. I Biked DC!


I posted the full details of what happened when That Guy Hit Me With His Car. I went to Bike Fest and "won" the Weekend Along the Canal Package (a prize that led me to discover my now favorite Get-Away location: the Canal Lockhouses). I reviewed a bunch of products.


It was ridiculously hot.  I got to ride with the Mt. Pleasant Cruiser peeps.  It was ridiculously hot.


I got to ride with the I Street Social peeps. Betty got her first flat. I rode around a bit.


I went to yet another hearing for That Guy That Hit Me With His Car.  I didn't get to do the 50 States Ride (boo!).  The Boy and I rode to and stayed in a Lock House for the first time and had an awesome time!


The Boy and I rode to Alexandria for a date at Bilbo Baggins and had some awesome beer & terrible food. Then we took the Metro back. The parents came to visit and I did some sight-seeing & coffeeneuring.  The Boy and I went to another Lock House and Betty had some serious bike issues.


I wrapped up my coffeeneuring. I joined DCLAW and arm-wrestled for charity.


I talked about bike parking.

The biggest thing that happened in 2011 was when I was assaulted on my bike. Thankfully that saga is almost at an end. It's all over except for the judge's decision, which will be read on January 9th, 2012. I fully intend to post my victim impact statement on this blog, and also explain why this took so long and why I haven't spoken much about it. I will be really glad when its all behind me.

Things I'm looking forward to in 2012:

-The Big Event I'm looking forward to is The Police Unity Tour. I registered for it a few weeks ago. It's a 3 day ride in May, approx. 230 miles. The Tour is a fundraiser for the National Law Enforcement Memorial. I will post more details in a separate post, but suffice it to say I am Super Excited!

-A new bike! I was already planning on getting a new bicycle, but now that I'm doing this Tour, it's become a necessity :-)

-Lots of rides to train for this Tour! I'm going to set a goal of riding at least 100 miles each month, for a total of 1200 miles in 2012.

-The Vasa Ride, Bike DC and the 50 States Ride. Also, The Seersucker Social & Tweed Ride!

-Bike Camping!

-More Lock Houses! (The Boy and I already have Valentine's Day weekend reserved).

So long 2011, hello 2012!


  1. What a great post! Look at all you tackled in 2011. Pretty impressive. Sorry you're feeling poorly--hope the New Year dawns brightly for you. You've inspired me, so see you back on two wheels soon.

  2. Enjoyed your post. Really liked the list of the things you're anticipating for 2012. Looking forward to reading more about the tour and about the new bike you're getting for it. Happy New Year!