Tuesday, February 1, 2011

January Wrap Up

Hey! How are you guys doing?

It's the end of January, and probably about time I take a look at the past month, right?


-I've managed to ride Capital Bikeshare at least once every single day in January. I'm very proud of myself, especially since there were a few days during the month in which I was absolutely miserable and didn't want to even think of hopping on a bike (including having the flu, and the epic Snowtrafficopylapse of last week).

-I'm doing pretty good on my resolutions for this year. I'm down 6 lbs, I've saved money and my nails are growing. Yay!!

-Winter is sorta almost over. Right? RIGHT?!

-I've registered for the Lincoln Ride and the Vasa Ride.


I am SO OVER WINTER. Really. Over it.

Yep, been a pretty good start to the year overall. I'm happy.

As I mentioned, I did manage to get a Capital Bikeshare ride in during the horrible storm we had last week. I had an appointment downtown, and had to get back uptown to go to work. I knew I needed to get a ride in, so I figured I might as well ride bikeshare (especially since there was a very real possibility of them shutting down the system later in the day). When I looked outside it was raining, but that's ok. I'm not afraid of the rain. I grabbed a bike and started off. And then all of a sudden I heard PING PING PING...the sound of hail. I could hear it bouncing off the cars next to me, and see it bouncing off the handlebars. And then I felt it.

Ow. Ow. Seriously, ow, effing ow.

At first I was going to take bikeshare all the way home, but it soon became evident that riding in this mess was insane. I was almost in tears because I was wet, cold and and my face felt like it was being flayed open by hail. I decided to cut it short and stopped off at a friend's establishment so I could make a phone call and get a ride home.

While waiting for my ride, the hail turned into big fluffy snowflakes. Weeee! I got home, changed up and needed to get to work. I figured I might as well take Capital Bikeshare. I went to the nearest station and checked out a bike...and rode it about 25 feet before giving up. Yeah, not a good idea. the sleet that fell before the snow had created a layer of slippery, slushy mess underneath the fluffy white snow. The bike kept sliding out everywhere. Combine that with the extremely heavy motor vehicle traffic and I knew it would be a mistake to attempt to go any further. So I turned around and docked the bike. Wouldn't you know that 15 minutes later Capital Bikeshare shut down the system? Smart thinking guys ;-)

That's my epic snow storm story.

Tomorrow it will be February. That means Valentine's Day & a super short month.

(It's almost Spring, It's almost Spring, It's almost Spring......I keep telling myself that)

This weekend is another Roller Derby match at the Armory. Assuming I can get leave (ouch. I've already burned so many vacation days to see the Roller Girls!), I'm planning on using Capital Bikeshare to get there.

Stay warm & dry out there folks!